Spicy Peeñ

from by Mike Mictlan

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Spicy Peeñ

I'm butter Braddock/ Death drug gutter/ Kickbox a Moonwalker
right off my Red Dwarf/ Jump man dimensions/ I-Omega Zip line
3 point zip ties/ Defying the whole culture/ Ghengis khan mongoloid 
No King rebellion/ Suffer no outward oppression or Galactica Asteroids/ Planet Wack digital space/ Nano optic blood cell redefinition/ Deep web singularity BASS/ One touch techno freak a nomics/ Atomicon Baby religion Islamic laws/ Mormon martial  octagons/ I'm locketing glocks/ Pocketing clocks / Latch & a lock key/ Door knocker rack job boss/ Bath salts in my water socks/ Stuffed in my rubber crocs/ Rubber cock tied to my other cock/ Thunder thighs / I'm wearing boots in the summertime/ Will Smith Summertime/ Eating a bag of FOP pork rinds/ like North Philly cops blowing the tops off of black hippies organized/ The brown Tom Sawyer
with a rich white lawyer / Tryna stay with a Stoya/ Spread the food like Goya Ugh!

You know I’m Spicy
You know I’m Peeñ’d Up
I got that Spicy Jalapeeña
That Spicy Holler Peeñ yeah
I got that Spicy all up in ya

I be on that creep mode bone in my neck skirt whisperer/ Still these girls don't wanna hold distance/ Baby I am Instant/ Darling we all GO!/ Got the green with the (*) To the flow/ Got the (*) SNAXXX to the floor/ Pull up to the scene/ Spicy Peeñ/ Space-Mexi face sexy/ Crocodile gut San Pedro Plaything/ Bubble back that juicy gut/ Bobbles heads cum groupie nut
Gobble birds that Coddle nuts And I'm the silly bitch/ Them rap sangers are dirty sluts/ Well Dirty is what Dirty does/ Like where the fucks my 30 bucks/ No where the fucks my 30 bucks!/ Candy Ass Pony Bwoy Mark ass Bootsy Gum Flappin Ass (What!?)/ Come & get me yeah/ I don't know no shit bout a Soft Ass Hard Head Mack Murder Back Burner Tip Doggin Ass yeah sweat me/ Tha Clerb is just so ignorant/ Twenzos in my cigarette/ Spoonfuls of that cinnamon/ Z3R0 of that 1%/ While y'all get so sensitive/ Fancy Men go sip the Cris/ & We can't use our sentences/ Doing Hoodrat stuff with my frenz/ Thats Doug Life Baby/ SHOCK the world go crazy/ KOOL crime caper/ Burn the Mercedes keep the top off/ The brown Tom Sawyer with a rich white lawyer/ Roll with black Huckleberry's/ Type a rapper bad for ya UGH!

You know I’m Spicy
You know I’m Peeñ’d Up
I got that Spicy Jalapeeña
That Spicy Holler Peeñ yeah
I got that Spicy all up in ya


from SNAXXX, released September 27, 2012


tags: Minneapolis


all rights reserved


Doomtree Minneapolis

Doomtree is a collective of seven friends who live in Minneapolis and make music together. They’ve earned acclaim for genre- defying recordings, explosive live performances, and their fierce loyalty to one another. Members include P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. The DIY outfit has built an international fanbase one city, one show, and one song at a time. ... more

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