Dots & Dashes

from by Doomtree

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Dessa: I’m on a vision quest at the Best Western / the best-dressed wreck in the hotel lounge / found out that message in the bottle’s the booze / that my braid is a fuse / but I’ve get shit left to do so / So keep waiting / So just be patient / I’m not sure when or how or from whom / but I got this funny feeling I’m in for big news / Took a walk to cool off to come down to collect clues / Sky rests on the overpass / cracks the foundation / passersby’s faces / they don’t look like mine to me / though I’ve been told that we’re related / that we’ve got the same fear of death / the same basic debts / that we’re branded with a secret in a language we can’t read / on the courting spirals of a coupled double helix.
Panic in a phone booth / love in a parked car / broken bottles like corpses of the fallen stars / and valets are the only ones that in modern America / remember how to run.

Hook: It goes Delta / Epsilon / Sigma Sigma Alpha / Is there anyone there?

Dessa: Distress message comin from the city kids / I read it in the smoke signals from their filtered cigarettes / it’s all boredom
and bitterness at the Ritalin pill that does a legitimate business makin kids keep still.

P.O.S: But still ain’t motionless / Test the restless hands for shakes / and see the flutter when the patience breaks / I keep time Keep my step with the crickets in 4/4 and gangster lean / sirens in 3 / the trouble speaks beats.

Dessa: The double dutch sounds a bit like dots and dashes / I sit for a minute tryna understand the pattern / But that’s not Morse code man / Y’all just double-handed.

P.O.S: Trouble landin’ tricks so roll / fuck it / whatever gets your blood up / Rip that sidewalk sounding like a click track cut up Wind speaks to wall makes the frame creek / Ghost in the house wakes the baby / Math.


P.O.S: Never better / Thick skin, thin sweater / spinnin’ grins at a dirt whistle wetter / Flirt / this’ll get her / hurt / this’ll sever
worth / stop pop lock the fuck out / Duck ain’t got a buck / like the luck’s out (dang) / Who makes a living giving plasma? Nickle-thin kids spilling smoke up out the asthma / Anyway who paves the way / when you can save your slave / and make a dollar out your veins / He times it by the weeks / Patterns for the sheep / sleepwalking to the beat / Keep talking to the loose leaf / Silence to the creeps / violence from the beef / teach tryna find a new leaf / Science of time defined by / climb up and recline / Speech / Fine / whatever / Ain’t nothing but a rumble in that belly / but your starving’s what you’ll tell her / Me? / Oh I’ll be on the corner eating nothing a la mode / staring at the stoplights trying to break the code.
Love in a phone booth / panic in a parked car / static in a signal / scars a communique / All day / in every witch with sitcom wit / handle the sitch hit the switch / It goes.



from Doomtree, released July 29, 2008
Raps by Dessa & P.O.S.
Beat by MK Larada

Recorded and mixed by Joe Mabbott at the Hideaway. Additional recording at Alexander Chiropractic.
Published by Lorem Ipsum, Noisebank (ASCAP) & Half a Kidney, Half a Lung (BMI).


tags: Minneapolis


all rights reserved


Doomtree Minneapolis

Doomtree is a collective of seven friends who live in Minneapolis and make music together. They’ve earned acclaim for genre- defying recordings, explosive live performances, and their fierce loyalty to one another. Members include P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. The DIY outfit has built an international fanbase one city, one show, and one song at a time. ... more

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