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Doomtree is a collective of seven friends who live in Minneapolis and make music together. They’ve earned acclaim for genre- defying recordings, explosive live performances, and their fierce loyalty to one another. Members include P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. The DIY outfit has built an international fanbase one city, one show, and one song at a time. ... more

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Track Name: Spill Me Up
I told him ease off
he told me gas break dip takes the heat off
I see what he means
steal like Madoff
put the fastest kid in the lead off

sunglasses at night like Bono
sunglasses at night like Sting
some glasses half full some not so
some glasses drain the whole damn bottle

his motto, full throttle blotto
now he’s late night at SA trying to catch a Tornado
looking like Kato Kaelin, Sarah Palin
Clinton, '84 Van Halen

looking like what Warhol painted
made it art even though it’s war out
won’t be worn down, out dated
these old ones carved out jaded

turn this bass up
turn my face up
turn my wild up
that’s my nature

I know real ones
I know fakers
only love one
can you blame us?

cuz my day is way too short
and all my nights are way too short too

I’ve been up since noon
me and the goons
we’re just laughing like loons

man. i think i just saw elvis...or maybe elvis's ghost.
wait, no, that was iron eyes cody and he is still crying because we are so selfish (a toast)
i couldnt have said it better myself
i couldnt...better myself
got help, got friends and if you ask me now "yeah, i feel better myself"
but wait
dont wanna get ahead of myself
meddle with the help control the leaks
cuz my future-self told my older-self that the futures fine so we can go to sleep
and then something else...
about "Joie De Vivre"..."Dont Sell Your Soul"...and if God puts you in some box, you keep the shit....Marcel Marceau

I woke up like this?

Wash my tooth
Ditch my piss

Hit that booth
Hit them twists

Live that truth
Make them myths

Too fast
slow down

Too rad
Too styled

Too black
Too proud

Too loud
Too heavy
Too flex
No chill too wild

Balls on the table
All y'all shut up
New rule
First to move is getting cut up

I'm just jk
I'm just pullin chain
It's just I'm bored as fuck with y'all
All day

You feeling yoncè
But looking Coldplay

I'm lookin fetch an I'm feeling Californ I A
Tryna fornicate
With the HGH
For this human race
(Tryna dip)

So I run
With the best
Get the money like the rest
Keep the focus on the goal not the check

(So)When you done
I'll be next
I am nothing like the others other that you've dealt with I am coming for them necks

Heads in a pile

Grins on

grim scene

I been here for a while
I can be mean

But I don't wanna be

Won't you push me in a corner put your problems on me