FH​:​XV (False Hopes 15)

by Doomtree

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released December 6, 2009

All audio supervised and Mastered by Joe Mabbott at the Hideaway
Executively produced by Lazerbeak


tags: Minneapolis


all rights reserved


Doomtree Minneapolis

Doomtree is a collective of seven friends who live in Minneapolis and make music together. They’ve earned acclaim for genre- defying recordings, explosive live performances, and their fierce loyalty to one another. Members include P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. The DIY outfit has built an international fanbase one city, one show, and one song at a time. ... more

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Track Name: Coup For The Kings
Okay fuse lit
Slow train move quick
Dive show pay dues
Live flow stay true
While you got them cocaine blues
I'm on some tre dudes shit
So cool with no coupe
No rings
Just a crew thing
Recoup quick
Got a coup for the kings
Don’t they think they slick?
I lay the bricks make the corners fit
y’all just workin angles
so vainn and self important you feign metamorphosis
b-b-b-but I I am a business
This is all pulp no mulch no filler
Flow iller killer guerrilla top-biller
Go big or go homeboy
You know me lay low
I don’t come around the scene
I don’t play with you toys
Big crew big noise
I am the motor motivate the filmstrip
Keep the picture flickering on
And no I don’t quit till the dawn
No paint just stain
Permeate mark made
Brighten up the dark days
I am a shark man
All heart half alligator tooth
See through that Darth Vader suit
Ain’t they cute?
Giving panic attacks to all you rap Anakins
with your mannequin stance
I’m a pit bull running with wolves
You’re a shar-pei in a sweater made of cheap wool
Track Name: Mike Mictlan - OMG!
They call me Heavy Hands and Distrophe
Muscles for a Man's Man
Russel Crowe's Feet Fighting Monsters for a Man's Plan
And i'm a Ladies Gent on an 80's dime a dozen
a 90's throwback Play with fire and risk the blow back
Backdrafts and wall collapse Back drops and acolytes
A Prayer for the Rollerboys, Santa Claus, and Pantomimes
I don't pass the wine I'm past that prime
I pass my time asinine and more than half my life is lost to sacrifice
A common tragedy uncommon avenues
I know you've heard of a me
All the potential in the world
Just needed to adjust his attitude
And do you know what it's done to me?
Its made me mad at you
People just like me
Who don't do what they got to
NO pity for the oblique
Greedy for oblivion
Seen it thru a looking glass made of obsidian
See the semi-simians
Spinning like the ceiling fans
See you when I see you
Meet me where your city ends
Scenic routes are bleeding raw
Seen it once then you've seen it all
Leisure suits and leather shoes
Seafood zoos and Caesar sauce
Season passes see their asses stickin' out when they're screaming "GOD"'
oh my GOD!!

Mississippi mud-skipping see me sink into the wave breaks
Whiskey sipping tongue kissing slipping outta day beds
California day dreaming, "turn the lights out"
Wait a god damn minute and i'mma sing you to sleep
Chuck Taylors fulla river banks swelling higher than you're used to
Drunk Sailors call out smelling Fires from Houston
It's the vapors and an Afterburn, papers and a sack to burn
We exchange looks only afterwords
And only by the written ones slowly growing ever colder
Yet they're solely sitting in the sun buried when the winter comes
She's a Debbie Downer doing what her sister does
He's a Donnie Darko looking for his pills and bit a fist a cuffs
Indian summers and a lackluster rent
Gully full of Ovaltine
Sunny Liston Bully to the Coke Bottle Polar Bears
Funnystyle Hollywood
Leave their Souls when they sold em there.
Go Back East
Better Slow that Beast
Before this Old Crab Feast
Before this Grown Man Speaks
I'll get my young ass shot talkin' that "fuck those cops"
Got a Picture Perfect Future?
Too Bad it's All Photoshopped

Pirates of the american well being
Virus violent selling equal symptoms
You just gotta out source the incomes
In comes the villian dividing vice and victims
Vie to die by the devine benign still aligned with stigmas
It's a sticky situation standing still and satiated
Hate the nation, not the nationalist
Healthy Hatred amongst aquaintances
With the Patience of a Capitalist
And the Virtue of a Pasteur
Ancients died for your Happiness
We're just dying for their Answers
Wrote a letter to my country men and post dated the postage
No more than a nom'de'plum romancing the moon and ocean
Hell or high water I'mma
Dance with the Dead Bones
Red palms and all holmes
Handed down from said poems
Sand bagged and branded for business
Begging to be dethroned
Glass banks fulla gas tanks that are fulla stones
Your fulla shit and I can smell it in your vocal tones
Poke a hole for a focal point add in total points & overthrows