All Hands

by Doomtree

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(Sims) There goes Johnny sweeping the leg / There goes Jake cuffing the hands / There are things that I’ll never understand / They’re just looking for a buyer / easy meat, cheap prey supplier / situation looking dire / shot back at the devil I was heavy under fire / It’s okay I’m reloaded / they can’t rap along but Goddamn they quote it / Goddamn it’s frozen / My heart is Minnesota, this boulder / If you didn’t notice, something inside of me is slowly exploding / I feel like Kobe on the sideline / Sidewinder missile, I am cyanide / inert for the last time, land mine / I am out of my Goddamn skull / pedal to the floor board I am all pulse / I don’t play fault, I just dust off / walk over them coals, iron out later / I ain’t waiting on an elevator / Each mark is a caption / Each line on my face shows exactly what happened (Hook) You’ll know what you need when it slips by / but I’m not looking back for the rest of my / Get up like I never fucking got up before / and I get it like I never fucking got it before / You’ll see how dark once they hit the light / know what I’ve made from the marks on my hands / Get up like I never fucking got up before / and I get it like I never fucking got it before (Dessa) Simon says / Miranda’s right / but William Tells it different / says Gideon / brought a rifle / was looking for a fight / The Housewives of Gomorrah / all boarded up from here to the border, sordid / falling on our own swords or standing still / heartbreak hill / I’ma make a fortune in small bills / to show that I can, give it back in my will / like the back of my hands I know hard work / my back, my hands / yeah both still hurt / Like a catamaran, two skins / one for the water / one for the wind / Like a battering ram, I get it in / lemme at it again and when the juniper blooms / we get a river of gin (Stef) Get up, let’s go, move homie right now / shut em up, they make it hard to keep the food down / Ninety-nine lives, livin by the Konami code / fold em all origami mode / Let the drama slow, never ever ever / I’m an adventure, keep em on they toes / Drippy-nose fucks flake, I dip past no breaks / skippin y’all, flipping y’alls hot cakes, eating / I’ma man the damn Weber / Stand aside, handle mine, add the cheddar / Kiss the chef / nah gut, skin, and eat the chef before he eats the rest / I’m here to keep the nest safe and sound the alarm / ride the earthquakes and hang ten harm / Y’all get tame, I’ma non-stopper / y’all flip the frame, we pull the copper (Hook) (Mike) Python wings, viper claws / I been breaking all types of laws / diamond teeth, steel cut jaws / got raised by fightin dogs / Been around the block so many times, can’t find my house / wanna fit the earth in the palm of my hand but it keeps on bustin out / Father figure, figure 8, motherland turned motherboard / Satellite-ville fly the flag of the HD SMPTE color bars / Plasticine, whole world building outward / Second Life, no cheats for the first / Warp Whistle level up out the gutter, all hunger no thirst (Wait for it...Hook)
(Sims) I mean it, I live it / find a niche and then run with it / walk on the wing don’t flinch at the wind / even when that plane is tailspinning / Believe that when I leave I’m going to leave grinning, gritty / city different, singing like a spinning prop—stop, back to the beginning / Those Airwalks were no paradox, pushed my Powell past the Band Box / told my momma being landlocked on this blacktop was just not me / I never cared what gravity planned, I had my own design on a renegade thought / I escaped and I found me a clan but didn’t get away clean, I took a couple shots / I’ve been beat down but I smile like it’s my world, my wild life / I’m in flight, I’m sound bites and that’s my science applied right / and I live like fuck it, those rules are fake and they don’t apply / I’m going to shine until death unplugs it / I’m going to hang my letters in the sky (Mike) It’s the guilt of gold teeth, king shit / Lord of the Fly, EXU / Brillo, boppers, helicopters / hella choppers, hello coppers / Robbers got the jump say how high / Suspended animation casting shadows over the sun blind / from the light coming in from the outside / Grip the ground with both feet, hold tight / kiss the pound or the fists will fight / Feast or famine, at least the beast is rabid / increase the peace or cease the madness / Each is own but you eat the bone / the meat alone could bleed a stone / catch a 2 Piece or a Junior Spesh in my element way out my zone / Pro rate the program, slap pros / pop em off propane huff boy Space Cadillac / Auralac gutter punk class voyeur, Chef Boyar do tha deed for ya / Oye loco, bring the Coco Chanel covered in Soco / Cattle brand you a logo (Hook) And I fly a flag of my creation / I got my own nation / I’m in my own nation / I’m in my own / And we go for broke, no hesitation / What we want we take it / While they out there waiting / We on our own (Dessa) Bang for the buck—venison / Clean shot and a little luck, fed again / Don’t take much / off grid, off crutch / Let the wolves eat what the kids won’t touch / And I sweep my tracks behind me / take only what we earn / Better hope they can’t find me / learn real quick real witch won’t burn (Stef) I been gone / I been out there out here grinnin / been fuckin with the lights on / I been killing that I’m not livin that bullshit shit for years, bruh / We don’t even live here, bruh / I be leavin with the wind / I believe in getting in where the fuck you want / whether you fit or you build, bruh / Motherfuck wait / Giddyup or give it up or whatever / just gotta fill up the plate / more than keep up the pace / gotta kill up the race (Hook)
(Stef) Bernie Goetz / I been thinkin bout Bernie Goetz / Bang, hit deck / D.B. Cooper and EasyJet / Bang, go west / find me a place that time forgets / Bang, check out with the best / Get rest in a real way (Hook) Hangin off the chain / back against the frame / off the wall / Cut against the grain / rub everything raw / call it off / Come and get me mane / number still the same / give a call / Prolly let it rang / playin a different game / kill em all (Sims) Sinking ships, I’ve been thinking about sinking ships / big risk, pink slips, point missed / blame, I’ve been looking for someone to blame / campaigns, big banks, close aim, point blank, bang / Flag raised out the barrel end / reads you can’t win / it means you can’t win / Bang, I’ve been looking for a new escape / probably best if I burrow in / opt out not cop out / I’m just trying to carve my slice / but the game played is knives out / and there ain’t nowhere hide / so I guess it’s time / no more taking the bait / straight- laced complacent restraint / got my wrists bent where they can’t lift up / let me counter with this / not with a whimper, with a bang / Bang (Hook) (Stef) Yeah, vaguest threats / I been thinkin bout Bernie Goetz / Charley Bronson, lay em wet / I been thinkin bout pulling out heart from / chest plate, laid waste / I been thinkin bout saving face / I been thinkin my saving grace is / claiming spaces and escaping / Slip slip slip in smoke and self-erasing / Not a trace, not a sketch / etched in opal, held in place / Bang, I been thinkin bout safe / I been thinkin bout motives / I been runnin in place / Bang (Cecil) Loaded, I’ve been drinking I’m loaded / consequences eroded, yeah I’m on the fence and they know it / all them politics have been quoted / ain’t gonna call it quits or decode it / alright—all my chips will be thrown in / sack of shit, I’m reloaded / Shots ring off in the distance, make no difference / driving in a car but there ain’t no engine on / instincts gone, instant song / it’s been a long and winey road / Oh and the bottle’s half gone and the throttle ain’t responding / no plans no land so.... (Mike) Grown Man Syndrome, ex-Planeteer / you could grow out or grow up, just outlast your peers / and the children of the corn syrup got em by the ears / walk behind the fields, all the dreams reflect your fears / Ain’t nothing else but pull the belt / spread the wealth / but who dusts the shelf? / Hell to pay but it sells itself / I ordered paradise / Born and raised without the help / Now it’s shorter days, I couldn’t tell / flawed in all the ways, bottle holidays / spend some time on myself / Pop quiz hot shot, quick fixer-upper / another notch and lock stock—bang / you’s a sucker / Blame it on my nature but I learned it from my mother / tattoos on my hands replace the lines inside my palms, gone / De-anxietized, heavy metal weighted joints / play the parts but I’ll pace my points / back to the crowd and I face the noise / Homebase, chase the ghost, nothing’s never safe / I made a stick into a gun and stared right at the sun / Bang (Hook)
(Mike) Ride on Blue Boy dipped in a Uni / dickin on a squad car, vickin on a fully / sick as a Sunni, strapped with a bobby / pullin on the pin, he Tutankhamun / Boots to the ceiling, boostin the serum / so sincere, brutes new to the feeling / Ridin on the old scene, buck if you hear me / bucks for the fabric of your fiber / bricked, dips, blicks, big, brighter / Bees in a trap? No, bees in a hive / Gee is for Geezus, Gs and a nine / Oh is for O.G.s, grease in the eyes / crease in the khakis, piece to the side / Forgotten youth when older mutants played Magneto / we believed the strip and never plagiarized their credo / Fashion cutter for the fascist, dirty- lipped and truly goony / Looney Tune Schooly Ds come off cartoony / No King Cloak and Dagger, Lavabanger Legacy / No anonymity, no forced validity / False Hopes, we got close, man, we got ghost / tough shows and rough roads until every sign said, GO! (Dessa) Take the skins / hang em on the walls / not trophies, just reminders / what is left here when we fall (Stef) Ay, I’m pushing up on your tempo / she too stoned Nintendo / I’m Vint Cerf, she Pink Floyd / I’m jumpin out the window / Sike, I’m fly, I float aight right by / cut my own moat / get by with my chose fam / dismantle thrones / All the fuck in your station / all up in your dark / awkward in ya Marc Maron conversations / call em out the park / hangin out then Van Halen cabs in your city / all up on your block opposite the cops / y’all should all fuck with me / style like a Cadillac / crash with a battle axe handy / Gucci store fire on the couture / then planes, trains, and automobiles, I’m John Candy / Y’all just can’t stand me / I make em feel ridiculous / pickin apart they postures put together meticulously awful / in the air, hostile / the fingernails, watch em / sit and stare, box em if I gotta / Panic is the fashion / I arrow to the action / Pied Piper through all types a shit / types like me y’all ain’t fuckin with (Hook) Go get it / or go without / You going nowhere / run that shit into the ground / Go get it / or go without / We go for broke / and run that shit into the ground (Dessa) Struck by lightning / with a hand in the sand / came to with a fist fused in glass / Closed the circuit skull full of white light, mouthful of ash / Sparks on the pavement / dragging the chain / anchor’s off, man, lost it again / steady on gotta push through the rain / weather in the veins, came for this / train for this, fuck / made for this, pray they miss, duck / duck gray duck gets up and running / rest fall back like a bridge in London / brand new brakes I never touch em (Sims) You’re all spin move, you’re doing too much / rental car, trick cigar / I’m just laughing while that whole thing blows up / looking like I’m Joakim Noah / black mask, take your gas money / my name is Sims but call me David Lynch, I make em act funny / I ain’t afraid to change lines, state, date, or face / I’m option two when you skate or die but still survive on basslines / at least for the next eight months / then I change up like it ain’t much / you do the Roger Rabbit in Shape Ups / still blabbing bout some frame up vision / MN living gray duck risen / nay fucks given, way subliminal / class-war criminal trying to make my stance more pivotal / see what is left is suspect / the Pepsi Gen went crystal meth / and punk rock dads scream rap is dead / I laughed until I lost my chill / I’m really real, half Built to Spill half Kill at Will / half shark alligator and my Philly filled / Mill City kid in the field / gritty is in the blood, proof is in the track / fifty in the tank, on you like a Mac Truck / roll with a ton on my back / better back up fast (Hook)
(Hook) They tried to attack you / They tried too late / We’re waiting on the storm to hide the wake / Bringing you up to the surface / dragging you up to the shore / holding you up to the sun like Is this yours? / It’s yours (Cecil) It’s yours right, this house with the boarded up doors right / poor site like maybe it’s mine and you made it in time with the foresight / to light a torch and torch this place / coordinate my life with yours / private wars and a chore to relate in a world that you made fulla minor chords / Find the oars, lie in the wake / quiet your mind, they’re lying in wait / they’re firing everything all over everywhere / everyone in the asylum is safe / Wait, the size of the tide is—it’s rising again, so align with your horizons / So can I get a witness, can I get a clue / If I can’t, can I get an amen or a view / of the few and the proud that are crowding around the canals / in the masses to catch you and ration the savage of you / Grab for the branches, wrap them in you / we’ll scream to cause avalanches / that ceramic sunset’s for you (Hook) (Dessa) Whitecaps break above us but at the bottom it stays calm / just the rising tides can touch us / just lift you up and set you down / But danger is as danger does / There’s a motor in the water and it’s coming for us / and I can smell the gasoline, smell the rust / and I can’t move fast enough away / Break, make for the deep end / don’t wait for me / cause I’ll be damned if they get another / just to catch and / catch and release (Stef) Choked, blotter on the tongue / water in the lung, trippin / hotter than the sun, fodder for the big guns / finished with your fun, know I’m not the one / Time crawls and I’m still here somehow beggin / still fear that I’ll waste my life on the end of your impulse / lettin the lead fly from your weapon / Hit or miss, bigger fish and a sea full / of deceitful creep people / Lust betrays, sweat the sheets through / So I stash and I grasp and I laugh and I plan it / keep it on the run like mechanics / You say Don’t hold your breath / you say Don’t sit and wait / Cause when you’re up then you’re out / and the fuss and the pout won’t work / don’t push them brakes (Sims) They came up the coast with a cavalcade / these seas I just can’t navigate / so I recalibrate / then bend the frame until the image freed up from the acetate / I was at the helm with the map and the loop / looking for a keyhole to pass on through / they were waiting outside with incisors / ready to devise, divide, and syphon the fuel / they just shoot, they just shoot / hand in the mouth from the garden we grew / so I’m carving until I make a shape that suits / fly the sail so the space match too / and all I wanted was good and free / and my hands were good enough / paid up with a couple cuts / bob and weave / find a space between and a cut above (Hook)
80 on 80 04:32
(Stef) Solo on a stretch tryna catch a check, patch a debt / four more in the set, windows plus the vent, so Midwest / Super live I sorta death-defy / Daily babies occupy that space between them ears and eyes / Flavor country oozing out my dark and stormy lung, iron blood / We don’t mind a murder if we bored as fuck, bring a flood / I got scuba stuff, I got mukluks, buckle up and shut it / Guzzle up it’s 40 bucks a tank, 80 on the cruise / Wavy on the move, duck 5, crazies on the loose / Hazy on the clues, eyes wide at all times / except sleepin, but who gets much a that even / I’m backseatin a nap, then I’m backflippin to Cleveland or wherever / prolly, anywhere the map show / If they got the tab I can toss the ole lasso and catch hell / and heaven’s always in the rearview / I only ever stay for a second / there’s always shit to do (Sims) My recent bio reads I’ve been split into a thousand pieces / with a length of twine and a working thesis / still waiting on my come to Jesus moment / in an old interstate hotel room somewhere outside of Omaha / door unlocked, looking at these paintings / this La Quinta is looking like a scene from No Country / thinking about death, God, love, and nothing / cicadas humming / cigarettes and lightning bugs / not stopping for nothing / I slash I burn, dead weight behind bumper / outrun headlight, heart pound like drummer / dust kick through vents / rust hang off Ford / cigarettes and lightning bugs / red lights all ignored (Hook) Out here time slows / Full tank, ready to go / Lose an hour, gain it back and roll / Only lines I stay in dot the road (Dessa) Living out of my left pocket / out-of-state plates / Gotta take my notches with me / rented room, the bedpost stays / Out here it’s all Bruno Mars and zero bars / so who I gotta talk to to get a little bar food after hours / been working hard all night, we grind it fine as flour / tonight it’s my town / go tell your dogs to lie down / I came a long way, came the long way, and I aim to make that whole way count / I’m a train outta track / I’ma take, I’m attack / gotta make way or make waves / get in or get back (Mike) So outta bounds, outer space / gotta make good what we started / deploy, shove off to troubled waters / by the board or off the shore, bring only what’s for barter / Time slows, back home is by the minutes / back home is always forward, they don’t need you in it / it’s wide roads, slim seconds at the finish / before you know it, the game is winning (Hook) (Cecil) Say what, as I pick you the flowers and show up / I’ve been so ashamed of my love / and the moment you feel it you say what, so what
Mini Brute 04:29
(Hook) I came on my own two feet / I left with the gasoline / Walk back to my breakdown / It came like a passing breeze / Never know where it’s taking me / Patience, push that function / just ain’t working now, but I’ll work it out / I’ll work it out (Stef) Find me up with the art / in the back of the building / Installation creates the spaces I’m filling / Still as dust, sculpted to beauty / sore dead, catch em zone at the ceiling / they better off cause my corona burn they retina / warn with lecture so of course they all ignored it / they toss the board, pieces on the floor / games blown like so many tops / Cool, calm, collect two hundred more, ride til last stop / lose the key, choose to sleep instead of waking up with me / Up to me, chosen few / chose to be over you / greener green, better view / pick a beat, spit it true / Choke it down, cough it up / are we on that next or what / Is we up to healthy shit or nah, prolly better off / up with art on the side of the building / inspiration creates the race that I’m winning / We livin and breathin in dust / yeah, they livin in it and they keepin it shut / I’m bout to live it up or live for what (Dessa) On and on / Mind yourself the water’s deep / Close to dawn / Now’s the time we earn our keep / Rifle sleeping in my hand / enough dynamite to blow the dam / So catch me if you / catch me if you / catch me if you can (Cecil) Picking up the bottle when the water’s coming over me / giving up the father when he’s done with the sword in the stone / Boarded-up homes, cord in the phone, no dial tone / caller unknown, I’m falling to you, dry and alone / with no sign of the wall / I got this stone in my hands / so catch me / catch me / catch me if you can (Sims) The setup was a stunner / never saw the gunner coming / spent that summer in the gutter / look at that, it got me by the numbers / whole city got me out of line / busy bodies, idle minds / left me with a novel look, I title mine / how to look like you’re not shook and still look like a rolling dice / cooler than the polar but colder nights / Goddamn that couldn’t hold up / stay calm, foot on / napalm, rev up / get gone, red line, hang on, time up (Mike) Function friction, fix shit, break it / pump that fiction, nothing’s sacred / Aces wild but faces flush in / pace and style, no baseless punches / I came with the dying breed, never knew we had to bleed / city kids don’t love that, mini brute tough act / Stunt what? All that, bump up all we got is ours now plus yours, jump back!
Cabin Killer 03:55
(Dessa) Like the clock in the gut of the gator / they all talk (tick) / Earned every dime in my pocket / they pocket watching / Eyes wide—you must of gotten in the belladonna / watch if you wanna / I work in that Castellano lisp / French Resistance / Oxford comma / Get press like I’m all cuff and collars / Winter’s brisk, double down, if you’re gonna stay on it / seasons here even freeze the deep water / But it keeps the genes hardy / So feed a fever, the winter we starve keep / razor in the cheek / robin in the ribcage / braided in the street / hair down in the crib stay / easy on the beat / mouths get easier to feed / Meter’s running, every minute gotta matter—move / I got a minimum to meet (Sims) I’m in that two-seater beater bumping Big Freedia / scheming on something I could eat up / with this dime and this nickel / I might take down Visa for the three percent I feed them / I am not your profit / I am Travis fucking Bickle / kill a paparazzi lobby / bring the body down to Lockheed / stuff it in a Maserati / just playing, that’s just the funny shit I’m dreamin / while I’m pouring your Chianti / serve a couple tables and I’m off on my Bianchi / I’m outie kemosabe weaving all these zombies by me / money, money, money all they ever fucking say / I should’ve left yesterday / Okay I need a couple bucks to fill my cup and you know this / but holding on to something gold never was the focus / never fell for the hocus pocus, it’s all bogus / bullshit, goldfish, guppies, yuppies fucking disgust me / ugly man, I’m sick of this shit so I untie my wrists / and I undock my ship / I dream a new planet with only fun occupants / so I uncock my hips and I dance like an idiot / see how electric my city is / Lake City pacemaker / put the pulse in it / Big Sims and I keep it authentic (Mike) Running Man jump back, bio-funk divisible / Hungry Jack swing, hide your trunk visible / Steel wool brillo teeth, sleepin like I’m Hampton / Leak blood in widow's peaks, geekin up vampin / C’mon Dougie I been rap—frrserious / 4 minus 5 (1) Fantastic Furious / WWF, www dot calm the fuck down right now / or you’ll get WW3’d, all of you dummy to me / money turn putty when fuddy duddies act funny with me / D-Bo everything, eenie meanie that’s mine / I said gimme guh-gimme gimme gimme plenty / Beamer and the Sim simma / The Vimmy, the semi / Petty bounty, any penny or any fedi / Homie is you relevant? Lemme get a piece / I’ma retell it, develop it, sell it to the beast / Rollin in a bread box, mayo spillin / on the ceiling, bailing 187 / Satan kneeling, hailing, doing my bidding / grillin, never chillin, I’m Hella Frreal / Peeling on God’s lemons, spillin milk, drowning kittens / Sick hurlin, feelin like I’m illin, wheelin, and dealin / Mike the Thriller, chill killer it’s been a minute / You can show and prove, I’ma stand and deliver it (Cecil) I’m peeling off into the city lights / dripping like Dali in the alleyways / I had my way with the ways of the world but the world found its way back / Gray slacks, paid tax / laid tracks to the last spike / but that was last night / wait um, that was just the D M T um / we young, we dumb, we fulla gun powder (Stef) We got em back against they feelings / they bent, they went willing / we didn’t push em / nah, tell them fuckers to Stay Puft / Marshmallow men, harsh mellows / when they get in ya space then settle in / never let em again / Throw piss, throw em off of ya scent / and never let em again / they placate like we here to pretend / never let em in
(Sims) Now I’m playing with the house money / I’m out of mind, checked out, out of line / and if I come back it’s only good for store credit / no return no receipt / no surrender no surprise their / paradigm seems a couple dimes short of a sum that’ll change something / Tell me that the money matters / I’m outside setting fire to the ladder / We came to aim / key rings and chains / we ain’t the same / I made my lane with the same paint / that they waste on the town that is owned by the bank / by the hope, by the throat, by the angst / by the hoax that is cloaked in a rank / pull up the people pull up the stakes / by the time that they pull up the tanks / Now you’re playing with the God money / looking like a little man, nose runny / Thinking on another plan, huh dummy? / Pull the teeth out man we’re all hungry (Hook) And I know where to look when I’m going, when I’m gone / when I’m broke, when I’m way out / I been living with the same sick that we all came down with / And I know where to go when I’m lost / where to cope when I need a little hideout / Nothing new under the sun / so head up and get up and get on the run (Stef) I got that beast face, I’m a trapper star / waking up muddy, going to bed bloody / Bees in a—wait—thieves in a trap / hands cover face, scream into that / Handle whose fate, strap in whose lap / not so much a weapon, Doomtree prepping / look back fondly, 20/20 calmly / dug a hole headed for the fuckin pine trees / Hit the passport, palm seas, cool breeze / Minnesotan, let it burn like the fall leaves color / nutter, stutter step the suffer / rep like a torch through butter, fucker (Mike) So you the Boogie Man, huh? / Where you at? I ain’t scared / Bend prism in the dark, dilated, workin with the moonlight / I can see who’s huntin / Wherever I go, there I am / eyes wide open, not for nothin / sucka headspin until it nod off / hyperventilated, mind eradicated / boy I’m lucky I made it, lil homie be a boy / Man that’s game, then why ya’ll runnin? / Bet I can see you in the dark Ghost Busted / what? I know who to trust now / And I never ever will, I never ever will again / break will to the inner boost feeling booze illin / who’s healin, who killin who, safe house new ceiling (Hook) (Hook)
The Bends 04:06
(Dessa) Leave when the snow melts / on the first clear night / River runs deep / walk against it / Walk til the Southern Cross peaks on the west edge / of the brine lake at the dredged end / Ruts in the mud, then gravel, then a paved one / left at the Amoco, right at the station / First train—wait / take the second headed east / window seat, pretty girl with the gold teeth / has a hotel key with your name on it / Stay on it til the train hits the border in the morning / Duck the conductor, leave through the back door / wait for my sign on the platform / Smoke on the skyline / welcome to Delphi / They’ll come with questions / answer what you can / everybody knows the new oracle’s at hand (Hook) Oh, there prolly ain’t another way / and I watch so amazed / and float through everyday / hoping I don’t float away / that I don’t float away (Stef) Cold world, no blanket / dark nights, no Batman, what up? / I keep a nail in the hand and a hammer on the nightstand / locked in, no B plan / Keep the mouth shut, let em stay lost / radio up, radio off / Either no guts or it’s so what / rather read up then trust my neck to the blood suck / Full moon, hand fulla silver bullets / high noon all day with these assholes / How soon is too soon to pull it when I doubt they count they paces at all / So fly took a bullet in the wax wing / so high but didn’t get the chance to melt / so tight how when he came down didn’t even look scared / just eased on back into the veldt (Hook) (Sims) The woods are deep / yeah them woods are deep / I was drinking that cheap shit to fall asleep / and really solely to hold my feet / because these days I’ve been taking that heavy so lightly / that I might float away completely / in my psyche I’m the natural man in a Black Friday stampede / LED murder spree for cheap / and the video screams Worldstar War Z / I’m feeling dirty but feeling so good I just smile at the thieves / fold up a note in the breeze / I’ve got a few miles to go before I concede (Hook) (Cecil) You got it wrong, but you got it made / a lot of weight but you gotta wait for a lot of aid though / and I’m not a maid or amazed by the raise in your payroll / ergo silence the offers / High-wire walkers, child actors / ain’t vying for your father figure fodder / Otter out, we outta town, you outta line you lil faulker / taut line from the dock to the Oscars (Mike) And I’m reading like a Rorschach / hiding lines in the pantomime, allegory in a smirk / Where my eyes won’t take you my moves do that work, a nonverbal creep / Where the O.G.s weep / slide, slip, test glide / Connect like catchin rec like R-E-S-P-I-R-ation from the Westside / Now it’s strong in the Midwest in my own nation / got a fam and we crewed up in sub-clans, no subjugation / with the wings and the chops, put the beans in the pot / like the seeds to the crop, Doomtree No Kings cut the top / head em off at the neck, better off dead, dead em all / better them than you, right? / Forever type shit (Hook)
Generation generators / spark up the accelerator / Gas pedal, gas pedal / push it, push it / This is never settle (Mike) Clock em all day, chunk em all night / lookin for a fight / lean to the right or leave on your left / lean to the chest, drink to that bite / fock around and swing on a bigger man / Bing bing bing bing / ding ding, the bell ring in my head / shaved clean off the cleaver hand / Now the dude tink tink / click when he blink down the ramp of the minivan / Cuffs clink when they link round the wrist and I think / when I’m gonna sleep when I’m gonna eat again? / Give a what whatchoo think / give a none less whatchoo gonna do about / In the Minne we penny pinchin / any inch in we take a mile, style with a dump of pitch in, fixin a cinch / Have a Coke and a smirk, I’ll smack the taste out your shirt / Rushdie that or run a check / catch a fade or catch respect / Move around with a gat from a gun show / middle of a murder ‘Merica, murder murder not scareda ya / yeah I hearda ya, crew out like a hernia / We out (Stef) Had a rough one, the type make a man wanna jump from the top / and it sucks, make a tough wanna chuck hella rocks at the cops / but he stuck with his middle finger up lookin dumb on the block / out of luck with his generator dry tryna find a way to not die / Caught wide, open in the out there, no shade / going for the next wave, close shave / but he running out the clock though / Rock those in they silly ass faces / yeah, any damn day / I’ma reach out, you can touch faith / they can douse mud, we can soak bleach / Teach, work, live, speak that Doomtree (Hook) Generation generators / spark up the accelerator / Gas pedal, gas pedal / Push it, push it / This is never settle / This is my theme song / hard as the brick that I cut my teeth on / soft as the science made you / push it, push it, push it / farther, louder, harder (Dessa) Full figure, nah full fact / bad with a ten-key, better with a black Bic / Ratchet clip for a garter belt / going Sally Hansen, nails hard as hell / Is that moonshine in a champagne flute? / Old English in a new tattoo? / What we do to be last the man standing / break an ankle to stick the landing / And I’ll be singing in the silo, let that echo clear my head / learn to tolerate the iocane, got real good at playing dead / Call to arms young statuettes / coquetting’s clever yet, bet / Venus de Milo’s better with her bayonet (Hook)
(Stef) Off in the deep, awesome often / no question, please back up off em / Back then we was on one / now we on two with like optional caution / Watching them watch, boss is a bit scared of the flock / lost in the mix, dare to get caught where you wouldn’t be dead / Better off, lead foot, yeah ready get set / Ain’t nothing better than kickin dust like you don’t give a shit / ain’t nothin new about this, ain’t nothing truer than death / eggs and wakey bakey babies, crazy for sleeping through this / Slippin hallucinogens into they juice and they gin / making Beliebers out of em, split em like 7 and 10 / Gutter baller stutter strut, fuck is up / Nutter Butter and a Snapple apple in a plastic cup / what the what (Sims) And I was all hunt / aimed it at the sun / banged it then I run / and it ain’t the same as I painted it / but damn if it ain’t fun / I was working on imperatives while they were crafting narratives / about who they are and what they do / I was on that show and prove / but that going for broke almost broke me in two / I laid it all on the line / no fault but the earth moved and I sunk in / and there it is somewhere along the way I buried it / I still don’t have that figured out / now I’m digging out / And I dig in, gun packed / trying to get that hunt back / I need a kill, need a kill / that’s how I was built / High wire no net / scars match, whole set / out for the kill, for the kill / for the thrill of it all (Dessa) I was young, my blood electric / head on fire / kissed every messenger / better yet got to send some myself / spent whole nights banging the bells / I was kite / above the water / too light for fears of falling / Every night went on and on and on and on / Didn’t want to lace it all up tight / wanted to catch the falling knife / running on faith and fallen arches / calling all archers to let fly / The shock of your body awake / a temple a tomb and a safe / it runs til it doesn’t, they come and take it away
Marathon 07:26
(Sims) I had this dream that I was floating / I had this dream that I was floating / I had this dream that I was on top of the tallest building / and I could see everything around me / and I crept my toes over the edge / I had this dream that I was floating / I had the dream that I was on top / and I crept my toes over the edge / and I dropped everything I was holding / I’m tearing down all these outmoded ideas about now / how it’s going, what it is, and how it sounds / and I walk like midnight city in my grip / like I won’t let it slip until I get light / I’m burning all these old bodies, holding no vigils / see which pieces send smoke signals / no combing the ash, let the breeze sort it out / boarded-out, that house I tore it down (Hook) When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left / When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left / When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left / When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left / Nothing but bones left, nothing but bones (Dessa) And it’s the same safe / but the codes won’t work / Guess the joke’s on me / looks like I’m on first / The map got turnt / or the river took out the bridge / but we can’t get out / the way that we came in / The compass needle is sticking / the numbers step out of sequence / the stars here look hardly like the ones from last season / And we’ve been leaking diesel since the first freeze / you can leave the car keys in it / I’m getting out / Each brick is a pixel / each step is a stitch in the dust / Grass it’ll whistle / buzzed by the breath with your lungs / Get your day in the sun to be young / streamers on the handlebars / soft drugs and underwire / Love’s a funny animal / be careful what you tell yourself / fairy tales and anecdotes / both dangerous for amateurs / Born hunter-gatherers / agriculture made matadors / now given all we’ve wanted for / we watch it on the monitors (Mike) And you won’t know me by incisors or metacarpus / Claim carcass, head on the wall, body starting the metamorphose / They say we Bitter-ly hold grudge / distorted intent, well consider the sources / Cow tongue, it’s utterly horseshit / huddled up, the rudder stuck, redirected our forces / Polyamory, fuck everybody / we devoted to the family, balance against the gravity / Self hate rediscovered inside misandry / Clean slate, my desire to rule the man in me / Fever for fire, the flame vapor, the skin paper, the blood thicker / vein fill up sure as a shape shifter / Follow forward with the sense of the spot blown / Call it origin, everything before it the Dead Zone / Underworld nan-god indivisible / No subliminal, every bit of mass is not critical / Deity Retired, just remember I lived / cuz you won’t know me by my skull or my rib / Locked in, clocked out / yeah it is what it is / just remember I lived / cuz you won’t know me by my skull or my rib / Locked in, clocked out / yeah it is what it is (Hook) (Cecil) And I’m running to home, it’s running me dry / I loved the road but love can be blind / covered in gold, covered in pride / under an oath, under disguise / suffered the smoke stuck in your eyes / And we priced it, sold its name, nine sips of Novocain / I sit inside a cell and side with the kinda hell / that likes when you show its pain / lives off your fear of heights and strikes when it’s all the same / And it’s feeling like / like it’s a say anything moment / the reckonings are everywhere, the mezzanine’s closing / so I ain’t holding nothing on safety / running up the towers, I was running on empty / Break me, shape me under the knife / raise me up til I’m grown, break another device to set free / Shake the love of my life, tell them nothing was wrong / tell me nothing was right, prestige (Hook) (Sims) This time I slit the throat ruthless / profuse rouges out the wound / washing out these blueprints / hammers to these lead balloons / cement shoes and useless abuses / leave the wolf toothless / I had this dream that I was floating / free from these explosions in the subtle / cuffs uncoupled / When I woke wildfire turned the broken into rubble / turned myself into molten / poured out what isn’t potent (Hook) (Stef) Respect given where it’s livin / peace to non-violents populating the prisons / Bag a dicks follow the money track / chew on that if you profit off of somebody’s back / Atlas with the standards / sickle sharp and red as fuck with my hammer / chisel tippin, chisel chippin, shaping scenery / hit the prism, catch a vision, whiff of unity / Let em dip and sweat and trip out on the tryptamines / instead of feelin it’s better livin through chemistry / or prolly extra feelin everything / Hyperrealing the fuck outta nights because days sting / and playthings save sentiments / pain brings them same things to resent and quit / So it’s chest fulla broke toys / and no noise is loud enough to drown me / Got ya boy turning every knob to the right / every button with an arrow up crushed / til my vision is bright white / Mute the dialogue, watch the lips move / change the script around, make that bullshit tight / I been a real self-starter / found myself swimmingly, real hot water / since I was young I seem to feel this harder / these guys are fucking kidding me / world made for larpers / I tend to ghost, knapsack, arrow, and stealth / fulla mean and a copy of Health is in You! / Sometimes it be like that / just gotta put the pipe down and get your feelings back / ya heard kids, spitting on teens / pulling down cloud nine, pissing on dreams / shitting on em, it’s real bodily for me right now / I’m bout to body somebody and barf / every fluid cept the good one / Giver everyday til every city is in ruins / Bash til I’m burger / Hashtag No Kings, crash y’alls server


The newest Doomtree record is called All Hands, due January 27th 2015. The title nods to the nautical rally cry, "All hands on deck," and the album stands as the most collaborative and cohesive project the crew has yet produced. The production from Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and P.O.S twists through 13 booming tracks, building the raw and epic soundscapes that the group has become well known for, while adding more of-the-moment musical elements and techniques for a genre-spanning effect. This is the sound of old friends fine-tuning their craft, both together and individually, for over a decade, and it shows. Lyrically, All Hands sounds hungry as all hell. The three-year gap between Doomtree albums has given each of the five emcees substantial time to grow as solo artists, and the group's return finds everyone tour-tested with plenty to prove. Sims, P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Cecil Otter drive home razor-sharp cadences, hard-hitting punchlines, and monstrous choruses, passing the spotlight back and forth until the house lights come up.

To write All Hands, crew members sequestered themselves in a cabin with no cell reception to distract from the task at hand and no neighbors to be bothered by the music playing through the night. The process informed the product: the record creates and operates within its own sphere—a particular mix of menace, humor, beauty, and adrenaline. Though the Minneapolis sound is present on All Hands, the record is as much a product of seven friends, relying only on each other, working in international waters.

Both the catchiest and densest album in the group's catalog, All Hands adeptly walks a tightrope of immediately memorable hooks and in-depth lyricism that rewards repeated listens. The result is equally worthy of up-to-11 trunk-rattling drives as it is late-night headphone sessions.


released January 27, 2015





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Doomtree Minneapolis

Doomtree is a collective of seven friends who live in Minneapolis and make music together. They’ve earned acclaim for genre- defying recordings, explosive live performances, and their fierce loyalty to one another. Members include P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. The DIY outfit has built an international fanbase one city, one show, and one song at a time. ... more

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